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Past Events

Islam & Women's Rights: Marking International Women's Day

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"I am resilient" Series events presented "Islam & Women" an opportunity to hear some key powerhouse women from across Canada speak about Islam, Women's Right, and Women's liberation. 

Healing Paint Night with Artist Khaula Mazhar

A Healing Paint Night led by artist Khaula Mazhar was both healing and painting. All art supplies were provided.⁠ Food & refreshments were available at Studio.89's cafe.

Healing Paint Night.jpg

I am Resilient Series of Events: Book Talk with Sundus Abdul Hadi

I Am Resilient Series: Women's Gathering and Discussion with Sundus Abdul Hadi (@sundusabdulhadi). A discussion about her book "Shams" and resilience. 

Shams is a little girl made of glass. One fateful day, Shams breaks into a million pieces. We follow Shams’s transformation from a fragile little girl into a survivor, with the help of her own imagination and the guidance of Shifaa, the healer. A story of trauma and empowerment set in an unnamed Arab land, "Shams" transforms tragedy into magical realism, guided by ancestral wisdom. Blending storytelling and powerful illustrations, Shams is brought to life as an otherworldly being in her small universe.”

Sundus Book Talk.jpg

Women and Power Series of Events

Power, Islam, and women have always been contentious topics. As a result, we present our Women Power Series, a platform for these conversations to begin. The Women's Mosque of Canada attempts to address mistranslations and misused texts in the Quran. The series took place virtually via Zoom.

 Stepping into the Light: Impact of Islamophobia on Women

A few weeks ago we Women's Mosque of Canada hosted an event titled "Stepping into the Light" regarding #Islamophobia, the impact on #Muslim #women and an opportunity to profile some key women leaders in our community as well as their strength and resilience.

With the rise of Islamophobic attacks against Muslims and in particular Muslim Women, it is time for Muslim Women to be seen and heard.

Check out the video of the event here.

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