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About Us

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Our Commitment to Gender Equality


At the Women’s Mosque of Canada we are committed to raising the status of Women in our Faith and in our Communities. We are more than just a place to gather and pray.



  • ​Offer a safe space, for women by women, where women can connect with our Creator Allah SWT, each other and heal.​​​

  • Advocate for the rights of women both within the faith and in broader society

  • Support women impacted by violence and/or abuse (in all its forms) by offering spiritual care.

  • Foster and support spiritual and religious learning from a gendered lens.

  • Focus on the love and compassion of the Lord. We come from a place of peace and non-violence in the faith. Click here to access some of our resources that highlight these values. 


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